Student Testimonials

Mandarin Chinese Medical interpretersWe are very honored to be students of your institute, Language Connection and are very grateful to you. Thank you very much for organizing this important training, thank you very much for sending all the materials and the zoom links on time. We really appreciate it.

We especially also want to thank you for hiring two amazing Mandarin Chinese Medical Interpreter Coaches: Chao and Tina.

1. Chao and Tina are loving and dedicated to their interpreter job.

Throughout their teaching, we can feel that they are two very trustworthy Mandarin Chinese Medical interpreters. They love and enjoy their interpreting profession very much, attach great importance to professional accomplishment, and attach great importance to the code of ethics of this profession.

2. Chao and Tina are the world’s best interpreter coaches!

They are both very humorous and very responsible. We don’t just feel their profound knowledge and huge experience in anatomy and interpreting, most importantly, they are very good at using simple examples to make students understand very complicated and difficult concepts at once. They are very punctual, arrive on time to class and they always complete our weekly lessons according to the class syllabus. We enjoy every class very much. The end of each section always leaves us wanting more.

We feel more and more in love with this medical interpreting profession. We feel like we can’t wait to get to work.

This is from all of our Mandarin Chinese interpreter classmates. We all feel the same way.

Your Mandarin Chinese Medical Interpreter students: Lei, Yolanda, Lege, Catherine

Community Interpreter TrainingI took the Community Interpreter Training course in my target language Spanish, this was a great learning experience for me.  I work with the community daily but what I learned in this course will prepare me more. Yamilet, the Spanish teacher, was really great to all of us, always making the class every Thursday night more interesting and fun.

Just want to thank Language Connections and Yamilet for these weeks of hard work, training and support.

Elizabeth Lemus, Spanish Community Interpreter

I took the Legal Interpreting class with Language Connections. It was a great learning experience for me and I think anyone who is interested in Legal Interpreting should take this class. Learning where the Law system originated from and how the legal system works helped me understand the Law and its system.

Also all the rules and standards of conduct and procedures I learned from the class are very valuable knowledge to have as an interpreter. Best part was the instructor, he was very knowledgeable, patient and good at explaining the material. I must say I have gained confidence in legal interpreting.

I took the Massachusetts Trial Court Interpreter exam right after the course and am happy to report that I passed the language exam!

I hope to return for more classes.

Miki Lee
Korean/English Legal Interpreter

I highly recommend the Immigration Interpreting Course with Language Connections!  You will be familiarized with the history of immigration in the US and with how immigrants enter and get processed in the immigration system.

Having this context gave me the understanding I needed to be a better interpreter/translator for my current clients. Practicing simultaneous/consecutive interpreting and sight translation for court proceedings with Ana Luisa Schwartz gave me the confidence I needed to apply for court translation work.  Our instructors were current practitioners, which provided invaluable real-life information from the field which you cannot get from anywhere else!

Laura Morales
Spanish/English Legal/Immigration interpreter