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Political Interpreting: Speaking Someone Else’s Opinion

Political Interpreting: Speaking Someone Else's Opinion

Imagine you’re in a debate about a controversial topic and one wrong word could make or break any advancement towards your goal. But what if you didn’t have a say in what words were coming out of your mouth? As a matter of fact your opinion on this subject is...
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Language Interpreting On The Cutting Edge Of Science

Discover Where Language Interpreting Takes You: Interpreting for the BIO International Convention

Every assignment is something different as an interpreter. You constantly learn new information, and meet a countless number of knowledgeable and influential people. Check out the work of interpreters at a recent BIO Convention!   June 15th-18th marked the 2015 meeting of the BIO...
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6 New Verbs Thanks To Social Media

Do you know these 6 New English Verbs That Came from Social Media?

The English language is constantly evolving; you might even be contributing to this change just by using social media! Known as “Verbing” the act of turning a noun into a verb has been common practice for years. Thanks to social media, the 21st...
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