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A Rewarding Career as a Health care interpreter

Why Being A Healthcare Interpreter is a Rewarding Career

  Health care interpreters facilitate communication between patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) and their physicians, nurses, lab technicians and other healthcare providers. Because of the growing number of LEP patients, the need for healthcare interpreters has grown swiftly in the last decade, so there is...
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Forget “Professional Interpreter” Try Being a Dragoman – The History Of Interpreting

Forget "Professional Interpreter". Try Being a Dragoman

"In the History of Interpreting, a Dragoman was a man who acted as guide and interpreter in countries where Arabic, Turkish, or Persian was spoken". – Oxford Dictionary  Today professionals who relay information from one language to another, either verbally or written, are known as interpreters or translators. Centuries ago in the...
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Some of the Worst Language Slips You Can Make in Professional Interpreting

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Some of the Worst Language slips you can make in professional interpreting

The only thing worse than false cognates for people learning a language are words that look and sound dangerously similar, but carry entirely different meanings from each other. These slips or “language flubs” are often made with...
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