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3 Benefits of Having a Bilingual Staff Interpreter On-Site

Having a bilingual staff interpreter on-site is one of the smartest decisions companies can make in modern times. Because people are more connected now than ever before, companies have an opportunity to expand their reach to access people in other countries, and who speak other languages. A bilingual staff interpreter refers to person who gets hired by a company to interpret conversations and translate documents. Having an employee on-site who can handle all of their language requests is not only a convenience but a necessity for most companies.  Incorporating your needs and requests into the curriculum is our speciality, as all programs are completely customizable ✅. We recognize that every business and every person is unique in their needs and learning styles- which is why we offer the freedom to customize our curriculum. Private, small group classes ✅ allow your employees to get comfortable wherever you need to host class. Some companies, like hospitals for instance, require on-site medical interpreting classes ✅ because employees will be working with specialized or heavy equipment, whereas others opt for online employee interpreting training ✅ due to convenience. Having a bilingual staff interpreter on-site to handle all of your corporate language requests is essential to many international and large companies- so what are the benefits to your company?
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Community Interpretation Services for Schools

For many students and families, certified community interpreters can be an essential lifeline. Offered online or on-site, community interpreter training is best suited for bilingual adults who want to make a difference in many lives. So whether you are an individual who wants to become a community interpreter online or an administrator who wants to provide their existing school employee interpreter training on-site- we have solutions for you. All of our classes are highly engaging and provides the tools for success as a community interpreter. Online community interpreter courses are taught via LIVE webinar conferencing technology✅ providing the best online learning experience possible with in-person feedback that our competition just doesn't deliver. Community interpretation services are available to Limited English Proficient (LEP) students and their parents throughout the span of their time in school. So what interpreting services are available to Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents of school-aged children?
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Online Interpreting Courses & 3 Marketable Skills

Whether you have chosen a specialization like Legal Interpreter Training or are opting for something more general like Intro To Interpreter Training; all of our online interpreting courses will bring you closer to achieving your dreams. Each course utilizes LIVE video / webinar conferencing ✅ technology for class, ensuring students receive the best online learning experience possible. Every instructor is an expert in their respective field, and every syllabus is catered to helping students begin a fulfilling new career as an interpreter- with or without a specialization.
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3 Healthcare Interpreting Trends Across The United States

As immigrant populations continue to climb in the United States, our obligation to expand language accessibility in healthcare increases as well. The Migration Policy Institute found that 22% of the United States population or 65,900,000 people do not speak English. Whether it is due to language barriers or a number of other different reasons, non-citizens are less likely to seek medical attention and therefore more likely to die from potentially treatable injuries, diseases and ailments. What is more, ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started in 2020, patients are no longer allowed to bring family members or non-essential people to their appointments. This means interpreters are allowed, but your cousin bilingual cousin who isn't a certified medical interpreter cannot go to your ultrasound appointment with you. It is now only the doctor, the patient and a medical interpreter who are permitted in the examination room. In this growing industry for bilingual individuals, it is important to evaluate current industry trends before beginning a new career. Here are 3 top healthcare interpreting trends in the United States:
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