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Community Interpreting Courses for Remote Work in 3 Top Industries

Online community interpreting courses prepare students for work in a variety of different fields. Enabling individuals who don't speak English to communicate with social service providers in public, medical and legal settings, community interpreting courses offer many job opportunities after completing certification. Our online Business & Community interpreter training course will prepare students for a career in the public sector with corporate businesses, in education, in hospitals and with law enforcement etc. With Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) services becoming more accessible, interpreters are no longer required to be physically present during interpreting sessions meaning more job prospects and more clients. Providing vital services to communities with large minority populations, here are the top 3 industries for remote community interpreters to find meaningful work:
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Court Interpreter Certifications and VRI

Court interpreter certifications and their requirements are varied but are essential to ensure the highest quality of service to clients. If you are bilingual and want to make a difference in the United States legal system, court interpreting could provide a meaningful career path for you. Passionate about setting you up for success in your new path, we can prepare you for your next step at becoming a legal interpreter and providing your services to those in need. The court has 3 main categories classifying interpreters:
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Is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) the Future of Medicine?

It is no secret that the lack of language accessibility in immigration and medicine, has been a major barrier for Hospitals in terms of delivering accurate, and quality care to limited English proficient (LEP) individuals; especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. With Video Remote Interpreting services becoming more readily available, hospital emergency rooms are some of the first locations to experience the benefits with LEP persons.
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Interpreter School, Language Accessibility & Covid-19

Interpreter school and the demand for online interpreter training has intensified in demand during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the start of 2020 we have all struggled and experienced some level of loss as a result. Looking back, there is a clear demarcation of life before, during and hopefully life after Covid. The health crisis has had a way of exacerbating issues- in every industry- that went long unaddressed yet suddenly demanded immediate solutions. Language accessibility or the lack thereof, is one of many issues Covid-19 highlighted in the healthcare industry.
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