4 Benefits of Hiring Community Interpreters

Benefits of Community Interpreters

Community- Interpreters Did you know that community interpreters have a very special job? Read more about the benefits of community interpreting, and why you should consider hiring one for your organization!

Why Community Interpreters are Essential for Your Organization

1. Community Interpreters help clients meet their needs for public services

Per the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 report, over 380 languages are spoken in America. Public and social services and communities are fields that require the widest range of spoken languages. Community interpreters work for clients in the language pairs that are needed and are valuable resources in alleviating language barriers. But what sets community interpreting (also referred to as “community public service interpreting”) apart from other forms of interpreting is how, in addition to being fluent in at least two languages, community interpreters are required to understand the sector they are working in, as well as the public services that are being used. They also need to have an awareness in cultural sensitivity, and an extensive cultural knowledge.

2. Community Interpreters help cut costs

Saving expenses is a huge benefit of using community interpreters. Hiring specialized interpreters for public service interpreting in place of salaried interpreters tremendously helps reduce an organization’s operational cost.

3. Community Interpreters have professional skills

Interpreters who engage in community interpreting often take translating courses and/or interpreter training by enrolling in Business and Community Interpreter  Certificate Training programs. After program completion, they receive community interpreter certification, which they use to land a job. To boot, they build transferrable skills that can be applied to multiple countries, including other countries in which they may wish to resettle in.

 4. Community interpreters are vital resources for LEP communities

Community interpreters are hired by a wide range of clients. Refugees, immigrants, families and their children are among the most in need for community interpreting services. Community interpreters help clients meet their needs for public services. This includes social security, health care and family services. These clients could be living under very stressful conditions, be illiterate, or have limited to no knowledge of English. Community interpreters are vital resources for LEP (Limited English proficiency) communities, and they help lighten an organization’s caseload. Adding value to an organization and helping people are empowering. Community interpreting is morale-boosting!

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