Business & Community Interpreter Training

The Interpreter Job Market: Business & Community Interpreting

Business & Community interpreting is a broad field, encompassing work in business, technology, education, social services, industry, public relations, and local government affairs.

Business & Community Interpreting

It’s a small world  

Globalization. It’s a word that is used often in news concerning modern day business and local community affairs, one that describes the astounding transcendence of information that was once confined within country boarders, and its assimilation into foreign cultures. With technology making it easier than ever to communicate with anyone and move practically anywhere, one almost can’t help but to think back to the famous message of the Sherman Brothers and Walt Disney himself: it is a small world after all. It should come as no surprise that the need for people who can communicate effectively across languages and differences in cultural norms is rapidly increasing.


Business InterpretersBusiness Interpreters

Business in the U.S has largely become a global operation. Cheaper production options and potential market growth in foreign countries have caused many U.S businesses to look overseas for new opportunities. To succeed, successful businessmen, those who are the savviest at conference room negotiations and client networking in the states, suddenly have to learn the nuances of foreign business culture not to mention an entirely different language. Business interpreters bridge the gap between businessmen in one country, and their clients in another. They are well versed in both the techniques of business and the languages of both the home company and the international parties. A successful business interpreter will train to be able to translate at meetings, negotiations and presentations, and any other necessary events.

Community InterpretersCommunity Interpreters

Interpreting is becoming an in-demand trade in government and local community professions as well. The need for translators in state and municipal agencies, governmental organizations, local law enforcement offices, and other professional fields is growing along with the international population.  A community interpreter is a bridge between foreign communities and the native community in order to ensure that everyone, regardless of what language they speak, has access to standard services and information. They also act as a link between two cultures by generating connections between natives and those of foreign cultures that might otherwise not have been attainable.

Professional interpreting is an invaluable and versatile profession that furthers global trade and local communication between cultures! Our 7-week Community and Business Interpreting Certificate Training Program prepares individuals to be professional interpreters qualified to interpret at business meetings, negotiations and presentations, for state agencies, municipal agencies, local government and non-governmental organizations, investigators, union representatives, advertising firms, news media, and police departments.

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