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How to translate “I love you” into 25 different languages?

How do you say “I love you” in 25 different languages?

Being able to tell someone ‘I Love You’ sometimes is not easy in any relationship with friends, family, or a significant other. It can be an even more difficult when it happens to be in a foreign language that is not your own. Irish: Is breá...
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Side Effects of Not Using Medical Interpretation  

Side Effects of Not Using Medical Interpretation can be long lasting

  Most healthcare professionals know of at least one case where a hospital relied on untrained hospital staff, or a patient's relative or friend. The lack of adequate medical interpretation services created a risky situation and put a patient in harm's way. One such story is...
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8 Interpretation Modes You May Not Know

Interpretation Modes

The interpretation mode is the setting in which the interpretation is performed. These are the 8 Interpretation modes:  1. Medical interpretation Medical interpreters allow the communication between the medical staff and their patients. A thorough knowledge of medical terminology and practices is a must in medical interpretation. They are usually formally instructed and certified.   2. Community interpretation Community...
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