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What is the impact of Medical Interpretation?

What is the impact of Medical Interpretation on both patient and doctor?

The quality of a doctor-patient relationship has a strong impact on a patient’s life. Patients who feel that they’ve been understood by their doctors are usually more engaged with their health care than those who have not been treated in the same manner. The...
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3 Key Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting in Healthcare Settings

Video Interpreting in Healthcare Settings

Most people think of interpreting as a practice that is only done through face-to-face communication. But in reality, not everyone has the time and resource to meet with the person he/she is having a conversation with. This is where remote interpreting services  become a crucial and valuable resource that bridges this...
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10 Tips to Effective Communication When Working with a Community or Medical Interpreter

Working with an interpreter is more common nowadays than ever before in our world of global business and diversity. Professional community and medical interpreters provide effective communication between LEP (Limited English Proficiency) clients and providers, businesses and government organizations. Whether it’s a medical appointment or a business meeting, an interpreter’s greatest reward is being able...
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