Top 8 Interpreters in the Greater Boston area

Top 8 Interpreters in the Greater Boston area

The United States continues to be a magnet for immigrants from around the world. Data from the most recent Current Population Survey show that more than 28 million Americans are foreign-born, up from 9.6 million in 1970, and that over 44 million

Americans speak a language other than English at home. In all, over 300 different languages are spoken in this country.

According to the 2016 American Community Survey, a project of the United States Census Bureau, the top 12 languages spoken at home (besides English) by the most people older than five years of age are:  

  1. Spanish – 40.5 million
  2. Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese) – 3.4 million
  3. Tagalog (including Filipino) – 1.7 million
  4. Vietnamese – 1.5 million
  5. Arabic – 1.2 million
  6. French – 1.2 million
  7. Korean – 1.1 million
  8. Russian – 0.91 million
  9. German – 0.91 million
  10. Haitian Creole – 0.86 million
  11. Hindi – 0.81 million
  12. Portuguese – 0.77 million

While many immigrants have traditionally settled in major urban areas, a substantial number now also live in suburban and rural areas throughout the country.

Many recent immigrants have limited proficiency in English, which presents challenges for health care provision around the nation. Numerous studies have found that inadequate language services can negatively affect access to and quality of health care and may lead to serious health consequences. Not surprisingly, the recent influx of immigrants has brought with it a growing demand for appropriate and effective language services. A number of factors hinder such services, however, including an increase in the number of languages spoken, costs associated with providing such services, lack of knowledge on the part of heath care providers of legal requirements for providing language services, and lax enforcement of federal and state laws, which has allowed many health care providers to neglect the issue.

Professional medical interpreters are becoming increasingly important members of health care teams. Interpreters that are in high demand in the Greater Boston at the moment area are: Chinese Medical Interpreter

  1. Spanish Medical Interpreters,
  2. Portuguese Medical Interpreters,
  3. Arabic Medical Interpreters,
  4. Russian Medical Interpreters,
  5. Mandarin Chinese Medical Interpreters,
  6. Cantonese Chinese Medical Interpreters,
  7. Vietnamese Medical Interpreters,
  8. Haitian Creole Medical Interpreters.

Just as in all areas of health care, the medical interpreting profession must maximize the use of resources, people, and funds. The interpreter community must look for ways to provide convenient, high-quality, cost-effective Medical Interpreter Training that enables new recruits to enter the field and career interpreters to continue to sharpen their skills and keep up with changing needs.

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