Baystate Interpreters is seeking Interpreters in MA: ALL Languages

Baystate Interpreters, Inc is seeking Interpreters in MA: ALL Languages

Medical Interpreter CertificateBaystate Interpreters, Inc is currently seeking Interpreters (all languages) in Massachusetts and surrounding states. We are looking for all experience levels. We are in need of Interpreters who have a Medical Interpreter Certificate in interpreting, as well as Legal Interpreter and Community interpreter Certificates. These are ONSITE appointments, you must be willing to go ONSITE!!!

Please send your resumes to HR@baystateinterpreters.com


Baystate Interpreters, Inc. provides professional interpreting and translation services in over 150 languages. Our accredited staff are well versed in legal, medical, and business fields. We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. All of our services are provided with the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality.

Professional interpreters provide an invaluable service to their community members. Baystate Interpreters, Inc. allows for flexibility within your schedule by offering per Diem assignments at competitive rates. Successful candidates should always be prompt, professional, organized, and well prepared. A willingness and interest in learning medical and legal terminology will allow you to earn more money and develop a successful career path.


Please send your resumes to HR@baystateinterpreters.com


Language: All languages

Vocabulary: Medical, Legal, Community

Company: Baystate Interpreters, Inc

Contact Person: Human Resources

Email: hr@baystateinterpreters.com

Phone: 978-632-1662

Assignment Date: 07/22/2021

Location: 55 Lake St #300, Gardner, MA 01440