5 Tips to Nail Medical Interpreter Job Interview Questions

Medical interpreters are required to pass Pre-Employment Language Assessment Test when they are being considered for the medical interpreter position.

A typical assessment will test your knowledge of medical terms, your ability to interpret, and your understanding of cultural differences.

Among the most important medical interpreter interview questions will be the one covering your knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Here are 5 interview tips to help you land a medical interpreter job:

1. Develop your interpreting skills

Practice interpreting with friends or classmates.

2. Practice translating documents out loud

Medical interpreters may be asked to perform sight translation as they help patients fill out medical forms.

3. Make flashcards of medical terms 

When it comes to medical terms, you’ll need to memorize many new words.

4. Research differences between U.S. health practices and those of the cultures

that predominantly speak your target language

5. Expand your medical knowledge

Stay up-to-date with the medical industry and continue learning about areas of healthcare that you may not know about yet.

How can you expand your medical knowledge?

Interpreter training programs will help you gain a base understanding of the medical field

and common medical vocabulary terms.

Advanced medical interpreter training programs  will help to develop your actual medical knowledge by covering more specific topics and vocabulary.

A hospital could potentially test you on more advanced topics.

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