6 Reasons to Become a Legal Interpreter

Are you considering becoming a legal or court interpreter, but aren’t sure if this career is right for you?

Like any profession, legal interpreting presents both challenges and benefits.

Here are the top 6 reasons to become a legal and court interpreter:

1. You learn about the legal system

One of the best aspects of becoming a legal interpreter is learning about the U.S. federal and state legal systems.

This information will help you learn more about your own rights.

2. You get to directly impact the life of another individual

Legal interpreters help LEP individuals communicate with lawyers, judges and juries.

It helps individuals without advanced English skills explain themselves in court.

3. Your actions help bring justice for individuals

There are times when an LEP individual may be innocent, wrongly convicted, or unable to defend themselves. As a legal interpreter, you will provide vital language services that help these individuals to seek fair treatment and justice in the U.S. legal system.

4. Your work will not be monotonous

If you become a legal interpreter, no two days will ever be the same. One day you may be interpreting for a traffic violation, the next you could be working on a criminal case.  You’ll always be doing something different and exciting.

5. You can build a flexible schedule

Working as a legal interpreter also allows you to be flexible with your schedule. Typically, you will have the option to choose which assignments you would like to take and which assignments to decline.

6. You will be in demand

Professional legal interpreters are in high demand. It’s vital that LEP individuals are given language access in courts of law.  Legal and court interpreters help clients find justice!

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