5 Tips on How to Dress as a Legal Interpreter

When it comes to interpreting in court or other legal settings, you need to account for and respect the formality of the overall situation.

Impressions matter when you’re trying to make an argument, and whether or not people take you seriously in a court room (or any other legal setting) can influence the rest of your life.

The way interpreters dress for legal assignments can determine how successful they are at getting and keeping jobs.

If a client doesn’t think you’re respecting the legal system, or thinks that you lack experience, all because of the way you dress you’re less likely to be hired again!

Here are 5 Tips on How to Dress as a Legal Interpreter:

1. Casual clothing in court is not acceptable! Clothing you would wear at the beach, the gym, or when going out with your friends on the weekend is not suitable for a court interpreting assignment.

2. Try to dress similarly to the attorneys working on the case! Dress in a conservative, professional and dignified manner as a sign of respect for the judicial system.

3. Business professional is always the best option! Start with mixing and matching one main piece with different shirts and accessories or buy an affordable suit along with a few shirts and ties.

4. Transform one outfit into many! Rotate the shirts and the ties under the suit. Combine a skirt with multiple shirt and accessory options.

If you prefer to wear a dress, match it with different cardigans and accessories to transform one outfit into many.

5. One pair of good shoes is enough! You don’t have to worry about having multiple shoe options.