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Here you can get a good sense of what Community Interpreting is, as well as why Community Interpreting Certificate Training is necessary.

 4 Reasons Why Community Interpreter Training is Necessary

Community interpreter“I’ve been studying Spanish for 6 years in school; I can definitely help my neighbor out at his appointment with the immigration office.”
“Francis from the English department has family who speak French at home, and he speaks with them. He should know enough to help out with the exchange student and her parents at this meeting.”
“I’m fluent in Arabic, interpreting the correspondence at the town meeting will be easy.”

The above situations highlight misconceptions about interpreters and the need for community interpreter training. As the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) population continues to grow in the United States, many people require some language assistance in order to have full access to all public rights – be those social services, education or town meetings. But what exactly does it mean to be a community interpreter, and why is training necessary?
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The Interpreter Job Market: Business and Community Interpreting

community interpreters

The world is shrinking: Why knowing another language is so important for working in the modern professional fields, and what roles within those fields interpreters play.

Globalization. It’s a word that is used often in news concerning modern day business and local community affairs, one that describes the astounding transcendence of information that was once confined within country boarders, and its assimilation into foreign cultures. With technology making it easier than ever to communicate with anyone and move practically anywhere, one almost can’t help but to think back to the famous message of the Sherman Brothers and Walt Disney himself: it is a small world after all.

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