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Here you can get a good sense of what Community Interpreting is, as well as why Community Interpreting Certificate Training is necessary.


4 Benefits of Hiring Community Interpreters

Community InterpretersDid you know that community interpreters have a very special job? Read more about the benefits of community interpreters, and why you should consider hiring one for your organization...

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3 Ways Community Interpreters Promote Academic Success For LEP Students

Community interpretersSpecial Education team meetings depend on good communication among all team members including families, students, and school personnel. When family' native language is not English, the Special Education Office will include Community interpreters ...

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Medical or Community Interpreting: Which is the Best for You?

Community InterpretingProfessional interpreting can be a rewarding career path. Specialization fields like Medical, business and community interpreting are in great demand today, especially with the onset of multicultural diasporas to and around the country...

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Why Demand for Community Interpreting Is on the Rise

Community InterpretingThe United States population is changing rapidly, and this is reflected in the languages spoken in the US. The growing need for communication despite language barriers has resulted in a higher demand for community interpreting. Here are three reasons why...

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4 Reasons Why Community Interpreter Training is Necessary
Community interpreterAs the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) population continues to grow in the United States, many people require some language assistance in order to have full access to all public rights – be those social services, education or town meetings.
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The Interpreter Job Market: Business and Community Interpreting
community interpreters

The world is shrinking: Why knowing another language is so important for working in the modern professional fields, and what roles within those fields interpreters play.

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