Student Information

Incognito2-65Thank you very muchl! I'm glad I took this course and I have to say that your classes were most interesting and helpful!

Best regards,

Victoria, Russian Medical Interpreter, Medical interpreter Training,

I am writing this email to express my gratitude to Language Connections LLC, like John Dewey said "education is life itself".
l can say often and loudly enough how much the school has contributed to my Medical & Legal interpreter education.
I will continue to keep in touch with you for other purposes.


Fred, Haitian Creole Legal and Medical Interpreter, Medical interpreter Training, Legal interpreter Training, ,

"I would like to share some good news with you. Last week I started my job as a full-time medical interpreter at BIDMC. I would like to thank you and all the faculty members in the medical interpreting program for preparing us the knowledge and skills to be a medical interpreter. Now that I officially become a medical interpreter, I realize how difficult it would be to do this job without proper training."

Stephanie, Mandarin Chinese Interpreter at BIDMC, Medical interpreter Training,

"I recently successfully completed the Interpreter training in June last
year. I'm writing because I'm currently working per diem as a medical
Interpreter for Boston Medical Center; which has been wonderful!"

Christina V. , Haitian Creole Interpreter, Medical interpreter Training,