Medical Interpreter Training School Is Important For Spanish Speakers


Medical interpreter training school is a great solution for bilingual adults looking to make a career change. To become a certified medical interpreter, one must first enroll, and pass a federally recognized medical interpreter certification exam. In order to register for the official exam, you must meet all of the requirements including passing a mandatory medical interpreter training course. At 60-hours of remote class time, our online medical interpreter certificate program will ensure that you exceed exam requirements✅ and are prepared for a new career. Because online classes utilize video conferencing for hosting LIVE online classes✅ , bilingual adults will find our approach to online learning unique and effective. Every class is taught by an experienced professional ✅ in the industry who can pass on valuable, first-hand knowledge to our students.



With an estimated 41 million Spanish speaking adults living in the United States, Spanish medical interpreting services are in great need. In particular, states like California, Florida and Texas with large Latinx communities are among those that are in the greatest need of English-to-Spanish medical interpreters. But why should you care? What is the value of getting a medical interpreter certificate?


3 Reasons Why Spanish Speaking Adults Should Enroll In Medical Interpreter Training School:


1. Make language more accessible

Limited English Proficient- or L.E.P- individuals is a term that refers to people who speak little to no English. For adults who are bilingual in Spanish and English, our medical interpreting training program provides a unique opportunity to make a great impact in the lives of other people. There is a great deal of LEP adults and children living in the United States who need access to medical care- but who don't seek it out because they don't speak English. By getting certified in Spanish Medical Interpreting, one person can make a huge difference in the quality of medical care they receive. Whether it is assisting someone you know personally or someone in another community- medical interpreters can continue their education to provide Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) sessions without having to be physically present. Meaning there is opportunity for career growth, and the ability to serve more people if you choose while remaining socially distant.



2. You will need a certificate to get a job

Once completing and passing our 60-hour medical interpreting certificate course, you will have met the basic requirements needed to register for your official medical interpreter exam; if you choose to become officially certified. Even if you are fluent in both Spanish and English you still have to take a prep course to prove you have an understanding of the medical terminology and concepts before signing up for your exam. To get a job as a  qualified medical interpreter you will need to pass one of the nationally recognized certification exams, and to register for those exams you must show proof that you completed a 60-hr medical interpreter course. And while you can still find a job without official certification, having one increases your prospects and makes you a more serious candidate.


3. Hospitals have more complicated tests

Continuing with getting hired: even if you don't want become a qualified medical interpreter and just want to work for a hospital, their tests are complicated as well. The reality is that a lot of students come to us after failing those tests the first time because they thought they didn't need a certificate course. This generally happens because students believe they don't need our assistance to save money, and unfortunately end up spending more money in the long run after realizing our course is necessary to pass ✅. Being bilingual is only half the battle- the other half is knowing and understanding correct medical terminology, pronunciation and procedures in both English and Spanish.



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